Storify - Create Stories With Social Media

Storify is a new site which allows you to create stories from information people post on social media sites, and embed them into blogs and websites. The site has yet to go public and you need to request an invite to join, but it looks like it could be interesting and may be worth checking out.

Storify - Create Stories Using Social Media


Snappy Words - Free Online Visual Dictionary

Snappywords is a really useful free online dictionary and thesaurus which is great for looking up the meaning of new words in English and finding related vocabulary.

Simply type in a word, and it will display a range of words that are connected with it as a mindmap, and show you whether words are nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs. Hover your mouse over any of the words to see a definition.

I can see this being really useful for helping students build their vocabulary, and the site is well worth checking out if you haven't already seen it.

Snappy Words - Free Interactive Visual Dictionary


Guerilla Mail - Free Disposable Email Addresses

Guerilla Mail is a website which enables people to set up free, disposable email addresses which expire after an hour.

Setting up a free email address on the site is a quick and simple process, and it's a good way to sidestep giving email addresses out to sites that force you to register before they will allow you to browse their pages to see if there is anything of interest there.

Guerilla Mail - Free Disposable Email Addresses

If you like the site and find it useful, you can also follow @GuerillaMail on Twitter


Starfall - Interactive Books

Starfall is a free reading resource site for teaching children to read with phonics.

The site also features a very nice collection of free interactive books. Themes include early readers, comics, folk tales for kids, Greek myths and Chinese fables.

Although the books have been designed for children who are learning to read, some of the titles are also suitable for adult literacy students and ESOL learners. I've used a few of the Chinese fables myself in lessons with adult ESOL beginners and the students really enjoyed them! The books are also an excellent resource for low level learners who want to practice their English between classes.

If you haven't already seen the Starfall site, it's well worth a visit and I recommend checking it out!

Starfall - Interactive Books

Tuesday - URL Shortener is a useful URL shortener which enables you to queue tweets for posting on Twitter at a later time or date.

Tweets can be queued a couple of weeks in advance, and the site allows you to post to multiple Twitter accounts and/or Facebook. Tweets posted through are submitted to the web browsing recommendations tool StumbleUpon at the same time.

The site's analytics enables you to track which tweets are the most popular and the best times for posting and you can also get custom URLs on your own domain, should you wish. - URL Shortener


Free E-Book - 20 Things About Browsers & The Web

This great little free e-book written by the Google Chrome team provides a clear, simple introduction to the Internet and using web browsers for educators who aren't net savvy but would like to begin incorporating technology into their lessons.

20 Things I Learned about Browsers and The Web


tinySrc - Auto Size Images for Mobile Viewing

tinyScr is a free online tool which auto-resizes images on your web pages when they are viewed on mobile devices.

Simply insert a line of code before the URL for your image, and the tool will convert it to a suitable size for the device you are using to view the page.

tinyScr - reformat graphics and images for mobile devices